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  • Hand Truck Mini Pallet

    Hand Truck Mini Pallet

    Use the Hand Truck Mini Pallet to Help You Move Stacked Loads.

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  • SELF-STABILIZING™ (SS™) Hand Truck

    SELF-STABILIZING™ (SS™) Hand Truck

    The SS carries the load, not the operator

    Up curbs or over obstructions without reversing

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  • MAG-LOC™ Containment System

    MAG-LOC™ Containment System

    Use Mag-Locs to secure a load to your truck or to secure a your truck to another item.

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  • CooLift®


    Improve account efficiency

    Lower fleet operating expenses

    Improve driver retention

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  • Ramping Down: Managing Heavy Loads on Steep Surfaces

    Magliner® brake trucks help operators control and stop loads safely and efficiently. Hand trucks help people move heavy loads, but it’s just as important to be able to stop those loads—especially on a steep incline. Magline innovation transformed a customer’s makeshift braking solution into the Magliner® paddle brake truck, helping operators stop heavy loads more […]

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