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  • Hand Truck Mini Pallet

    Hand Truck Mini Pallet

    Use the Hand Truck Mini Pallet to Help You Move Stacked Loads.

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  • Coolift Pallet Mover

    Coolift Pallet Mover

    Decrease Account Service Time

    Designed for indoor use

    Reduce Product Touches When Merchandising

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  • SELF-STABILIZING™ (SS™) Hand Truck

    SELF-STABILIZING™ (SS™) Hand Truck

    The SS carries the load, not the operator

    Up curbs or over obstructions without reversing

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  • CooLift®


    Improve account efficiency

    Lower fleet operating expenses

    Improve driver retention

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  • An Opportunity to Discuss Improved Customer Service, Reduced Empty Miles, and Increased Revenue per Mile

    Effective direct store delivery (DSD) lean processes must reduce total driving miles, fuel consumption, and delivery costs for beverage distribution operations with better beverage tracking and routing systems. Tools that eliminate route inefficiencies must also consider the value, respect, and importance of route delivery drivers, starting with safety. Without exception, beverage delivery and distribution operations […]

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