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  • Hand Truck Mini Pallet

    Hand Truck Mini Pallet

    Use the Hand Truck Mini Pallet to Help You Move Stacked Loads.

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  • Coolift<sup>®</sup> Pallet Mover

    Coolift® Pallet Mover

    Decrease Account Service Time

    Designed for indoor use

    Reduce Product Touches When Merchandising

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  • SELF-STABILIZING™ (SS™) Hand Truck

    SELF-STABILIZING™ (SS™) Hand Truck

    The SS carries the load, not the operator

    Up curbs or over obstructions without reversing

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  • CooLift®


    Improve account efficiency

    Lower fleet operating expenses

    Improve driver retention

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  • Integrate E-Commerce and Achieve Transportation Excellence

    Long gone are the days when e-commerce was just a side project. It is now a main driver of growth across retail, wholesale, and manufacturing alike. e-commerce retail sales in the US grew at nearly 15% last year, about 10 times the 1.5% growth rate for retail overall. To seize this opportunity, shippers need to […]

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  • TWISTLIT™ L.E.D Safety Light

    $6.00 while supplies last.

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