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Find quality lightweight aluminum hand trucks, carts, dollies & replacement parts online or at your local Magliner dealer.


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Whether you want to design your own hand truck or choose from our popular models, we have something for everyone.

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The modular design of Magliner hand trucks means all components can be easily replaced.

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About Us

  As a leader in the material handling industry, Magline, Inc. is committed to creating innovative solutions that help people transport materials more safely and efficiently. For over 70 years, this has translated to creating an exceptional product and service experience that has earned long term customer loyalty. The focus remains on creating innovative products such as hand trucks and stair climbing carts driven by our customer needs and industry insights.  

Who is Magline?

  • Our Mission
    • Magline is committed to creating innovative solutions that help you transport materials more safely and efficiently.

      Magline, Inc. is a family owned and professionally managed company located in Standish, MI. Founded in 1947 by Don Law, the company currently has 2nd generation owners with 3rd generation involvement.

  • Our Brand
    • Magline products represent a legacy built on trust, durability and quality.
    • Produced by passionate people working in a culture of respect, teamwork, innovation and achievement.
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Employee Safety Considerations and Tools: Rewards Management with Higher Productivity and Fewer Injuries

When employees see that safety matters to management, it matters more to employees. From conveyance at distribution center bays to route delivery processes, drivers and workers must be empowered to bring safety issues and concerns to the attention of management, even to the point of shutting down a manufacturing plant line if a safety hazard is observed. Safety issues must ...

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Improve the Performance, Safety, and Profit of Your Rental Business with Delivery Efficiency

Magliner LiftPlus Liite

Magliner LiftPlus Liite

Running a rental business can be an incredibly profitable
enterprise. But it can also have a very thin profit margin with equipment
purchase and upkeep overhead that’s considerably higher than that of many other
businesses. As such, improving the performance, safety, and profit of a rental
business in whatever ways are possible will be necessary for running a
successful business. And sometimes, perhaps more often than not, those areas in
which a business can be optimized and streamlined to guarantee success are the
ones less often considered, the small—but ever so important—details.

There are any number of excellent guides to watching cash
flow, taking advantage of equipment and product purchasing deals, analyzing
your market and buying accordingly, knowing when to sell and upgrade equipment,
etc. As those have been well-covered, this article is focused on a specific
area in which that optimization can be accomplished: delivery. It covers not
only practical equipment concerns, like when a stair climbing cart is a better choice
than a traditional hand truck, but also why a well-trained and customer
service-savvy delivery driver is so crucial to a rental business’s success.

Plan the Most
Efficient Routes

Planning the most efficient delivery routes may seem like a
relatively minor detail but it can make a big difference. Having the most
efficient route provides a number of benefits. Primary among those benefits are
basic practicalities: A more efficient route means less spent on gas, delivery
vehicles being monopolized for less time, and more productive delivery drivers.
This results in quicker delivery for customers—and keeping customers happy and
pleased with the service is the name of the game. There are a number of apps
and software programs that can be employed to optimize route efficiency.
Familiarizing drivers with them makes good sense.  

Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools for deliveries, particularly heavy
rental equipment, saves time, saves labor, increases the efficiency of the
delivery process, and most importantly, makes those responsible for the
delivery safer. The key is having the tools that are best for the job. As
mentioned earlier, almost
every delivery driver is well aware of how incredibly helpful a hand truck is,
but if the delivery driver has to navigate stairs during their deliveries, a
stair climbing truck or cart is going to make the process far easier and safer
for all. Likewise, if your rental equipment involves heavy, bulky, awkward
loads, consider investing in a heavy duty
hand truck
with straps or employing an appliance hand truck. Investment in
the right tools for the job can increase efficiency, safety, and pay huge

Delivery Drivers as
Customer Service Ambassadors

It’s surprising how often the importance of the delivery
driver as a customer service ambassador is overlooked. For many customers, the
only personal interaction they’ll have with a representative of the company is interacting
with the person doing the delivery. Their experience with the delivery person,
good or bad, can absolutely shape
or even solidify their decision regarding whether or not to utilize your business services
again. It’ll also certainly influence how they’ll describe your business to
friends and review it online.

are often the point of contact for customers who experience issues such as a
mixed up order. How the delivery person reacts, how helpful and
understanding they are, and everything else about their response to a
customer’s problem will also very likely contribute to their opinion about your
rental business. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that every member of the team,
including people carrying out deliveries, have the tools, resources, and proper
customer support training necessary to handle any situation effectively and

The post Improve the Performance, Safety, and Profit of Your Rental Business with Delivery Efficiency appeared first on Magliner Nation.

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