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10 inch Puncture resistant, solid rubber hand truck wheel with one-piece polyolefin hub and semi-precision bearings.

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Hand Truck Wheel - 111025

  • Hand Truck Wheel - 111025
  • Hand Truck Wheel Tread - 111025

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Customer Reviews

Great Tires

Posted on 2/22/2016

The tires arrived in a very timely fashion and fit perfectly. Love the solid rubber tires instead of the pneumatic tires which were going flat all the time.

Tires are great!

Posted on 10/18/2015

Solved the problem of the pneumatic tires going down over time and rendering the dolly useless when needed.

what i was looking for.

Posted on 8/1/2015

OEM does not even show the item as being theirs. item comes close enough to work. thanks

Good compromise

Posted on 9/14/2014

I bought the solid wheels because I don't use my hand truck very often. I routinely use it in grass and sandy areas. I prefer rubber air filled tires because they usually handle terrain changes better. Due to the infrequent use the tires were always flat. This wasn't too big a problem. The problem occurred when the tires would constantly be off the bead of the wheel when flat, and hence would not fill with air until reseated. I do think magliner should look into that problem (if they already haven't my hand truck is old and I have been putting up with this for years). When I finally got tired of it I was happy to find that magliner has good part support, and decent prices. The wheels installed exactly as I expected, and handle grass and uneven terrain excellently for a solid wheel. I am very happy with the new wheels.

Thanks very much for your purchase and your review. Regarding air tires, you’re right, tubeless pneumatic tires did need to be re-seated before filling. We discontinued all our tubeless pneumatics in 2001—all of our current pneumatics have tubes. So if you ever do want to go back to air tires, you won’t have that issue.
Thanks again,
Magline Customer Service