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If your looking for quality Haulz-All products, you're in the right spot.

Haulz-All is now available under the Magliner brand.

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All Magliner Motorized products are simple to operate indoors and outdoors, in good weather or bad. The integral regenerative braking provides excellent control and safety that we think is even more important than the safety and convenience benefits from the motor system.

Since the entire Magliner Motorized product line is battery-powered, they are completely green — requiring no gas or oil, emitting no hot exhaust or fumes, and they run virtually silently. Magliner extends our environmental attention beyond just how our products perform. Magline considers the materials we use and how they are processed, and the most power-efficient way to assemble and test them before shipping.

  • Motorized
    Dewar Cart

    Motorized Dewar Cart

    Motorized Dewar Cart safely carries cylindrical products at speeds up to 3.8 mph, and 2.5 mph in reverse. The cart will carry 20" and 26" diameter Dewar tanks and up to four high pressure cylinders.

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