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Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck 170 Model

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170 model, ergo handle, 19 x 9 -/2 inch nose plate w/grooves, 10 inch pneumatic wheels. 375 lb. capacity. 29 steps per minute.

Product of Austria


Faster, Safer Deliveries on Stairs.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction and ergonomic design promote proper posture and reduce awkward movements by operator

  • Takes only 1.5 hours to charge a totally discharged battery to 90%

  • Sliding clutch and electronic overload protection

  • Reduces force needed to move loads up and down stairs

  • Curved-back frame for kegs and cylinders

  • Power assist in climbing and descending modes

  • Multiple ascent speeds





375 lbs.

300 lbs.

240 lbs.

Maximum speed (steps per minute)




Weight (without battery)

35 lbs.

35 lbs.

35 lbs.

Maximum step height





18" to 24" depending on nose

18" to 24" depending on nose

11-1/2" folded

Overall height



38-1/2" folded
60" unfolded

Battery capacity approximate steps (with maximum load)

220 steps

220 steps

220 steps

Battery capacity approximate steps (with half-load)

300 steps

300 steps

300 steps

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