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Case Studies


Customer: Beer, Soft Drink, Food Service and Home Healthcare Distributors

Objectives: Improve efficiency and safety of deliveries ascending and descending stairs – bars, restaurants, homes, etc.

Team: Magline teamed with transportation supervisors and route drivers.

Solution: Developed powered stair-climbing hand truck that significantly reduces force necessary to move loads on stairs.

Results: Reduced injuries and back strains associated with stair delivery and increased delivery up to 50% in heavy-use situations.

Powered Stair Climber Innovation

Customer: U.S. National Food Service Distributor

Objectives: Reduce risk of injury and product damage on deliveries utilizing hand trucks and ramps.

Team: Magline teamed with safety managers and distribution managers.

Solution: A newly designed drum brake hand truck. Training and implementation programs for fleet supervisors and drivers provided. Maintenance and extended service programs for equipment implemented.

Results: Lowered cost of deliveries, improved safety of drivers, and maximized up-time of handling equipment.

Ramp Innovation

Customer: Global Water Bottler and Distributor

Objectives: Reduce manual handling of five gallon bottles to increase safety and productivity.

Team: Magline teamed with plant manager and distribution manager.

Solution: Three-position, high capacity convertible truck and hand truck with folding trays to carry multiple water bottles securely.

Results: Increased driver safety by moving from manual bottle carrying to rolling equipment. Increased delivery capacity at each stop from 2 to up to 13 bottles.

Bottled Water Hand Truck Innovation

Customer: Beer, Soft Drink and Food Service Distributors

Objectives: Improve efficiency and safety of high volume deliveries at arenas, airports, stadiums, high-density on-premise metro streets, amusement parks, universities, etc.

Team: Magline teamed with transportation supervisors, route drivers, and venue managers.

Solution: Created powered convertible hand truck to virtually eliminate force necessary to move loads long distances, on inclines, and over rough terrain.

Results: Improved driver wellness (potential to decrease workers' compensation cost 20% or more); increased cases per stop; improved work environment allowing for increased workforce diversity.

Powered Gemini Innovation

Customer: U.S. Beverage Distributors

Objectives: Increase delivery drive productivity, selling time; reduce workers' compensation claims and safety risks.

Team: Magline teamed with operations managers, sales managers and fleet managers.

Solution: A new delivery system that reduces account service time by 50%. Logistical and equipment requirements outlined, training supplied, and implementation support provided.

Results: Decreased capital expenditures and injuries, and fleet sizes up to 25%. Increased market share due to increased selling time, improved order accuracy, and increased merchandising time.

Rapid Delivery Truck Innovation

Customer: Global Soft Drink Bottler/Distributor

Objectives: Combat large capital reductions and optimize merchandising productivity.

Team: Magline teamed with site managers, safety managers, merchandisers, and key business management personnel on several aspects of the project.

Solution: Custom designed folding platform truck and hand truck system, compact enough to fit new delivery paradigms.

Results: Increased productivity with average savings of eight hours per week and reduced overtime.

Folding Hand Truck Innovation

Customer: Multinational Brewing Company

Objectives: Reduce packaging costs and material handling expenses.

Team: Magline teamed with packaging and distribution engineers and managers.

Solution: As part of a change to palletizing, loading and storage process, Magline designed and built new models of hand trucks and hand truck options to stabilize stacks of beer cans during delivery. Magline worked with distribution personnel on training and implementation providing training manuals, videos and presentation materials.

Results: Savings of approximately 7¢ per case, or more than $10 million per year.

Hand Truck Wings Innovation

Customer: Beer, Food Service and Soft Drink Distributors

Objectives: Increase material handling equipment safety awareness.

Team: Magline teamed with safety managers from various distributors.

Solution: Created a Safety-Meeting-In-A-Box containing: video, poster, brochures, quiz, give-away cooler, and gift for participants.

Results: So far, over 6,400 drivers have participated at 190 locations nationwide.

Hand Truck Safety First
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