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CooLift® Delivers for PEPSI Bottling Ventures

CooLift® Delivers for PEPSI Bottling Ventures

Pepsi Bottling Ventures has discovered that the Magliner CooLift Delivery System helps deliver more product in less time – safely and efficiently.

"The biggest achievement is getting the product from the warehouse to the cooler without having to touch a single case," says Paul Mennard, Director of Fleet Operations with PBV at its Raleigh, North Carolina headquarters.

Because of the efficiencies that come with the CooLift Delivery System and warehouse automation, the company is currently in the process of centralizing and closing one of its facilities. The transition will be completed by early July, with PBV adding another twelve delivery routes to its Raleigh facility.

"We're hearing from our drivers that CooLift will add years to their delivery career," says Mennard. "They're coming back earlier and going home fresher. They're saying, I may have stopped when I was 30, now I can go until I'm 40."

That's one benefit – less driver turnover. The other benefit is reducing the high level of worker comp claims that were coming from the delivery drivers.

"From an ergonomic standpoint and business perspective, we truly can deliver more cases in a shorter amount of time just by having them not handle the product," says Mennard. "For years the beverage industry as a whole has been looking for a better way to get our product into the store, and CooLift has bridged that gap."

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