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Vertical Loop Handle Brake Truck

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SKU: NP-15CG245

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Y-cable brake truck has 60 inch vertical loop handle, 18 inch x 9 inch extruded aluminum nose plate, 10 inch 4-ply pneumatic wheels, and diecast aluminum stair climbers with wear strips.


  • Frame:
  • 39 Inch Tall Straight Back w/ 1-1/4 inch Cross Braces (300001)
  • Handle:
  • Vertical Loop 60 inch height for straight back frames (300978)
  • Nose:
  • Extruded Aluminum - Flush Mount 18(W) x 9(D) (300248)
  • Wheels:
  • 10 inch 4-Ply Pneumatic (121060)

Options Included

  • C5 Stair Climbers (86006)

Part Specs

  • Height (in.):
  • 60
  • Width (in.):
  • 20.75
  • Depth (in.):
  • 23
  • Weight (lbs.):
  • 25.00


  • Provides optimal load control on inclines in wet or dry environments

  • Steel aircraft cable self adjusts, and self aligns for even braking

  • Manages speed from a gradual slowing to a complete stop

  • Outperforms competing equipment

  • Standard Magliner options available to customize for unique application requirement


Overall width


Overall height

55" or 60"

Overall depth



10" pneumatic or microcellular foam


500 lbs.


38 to 40 lbs.

Magliner products have a one (1) year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship or material, unless otherwise noted. All batteries have a six (6) month warranty.

Any part or component, except items covered by warranties of other manufacturers, returned to the factory or service center freight prepaid by the owner, found upon examination by Magline, Inc. to be defective or the result of improper workmanship by the factory will be repaired or replaced without charge and returned to the owner freight prepaid by Magline, Inc.

Alterations of Magliner products void any warranty or liability on the part of Magline, Inc.  Magline does not guarantee product capacity if alterations are made.

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1 Reviews For "Vertical Loop Handle Brake Truck"

  1. durable,well built and the brakes are a must have for ramp deliverys and going down stairs

    by memyselfandi on 01 Thu,2017

    Overall Rating

    I have always been impressed with the quality and durability of Magliner hand carts, for many years I used them to deliver milk routes. Over the years I have had many close calls taking heavy loads down truck ramps and greasy or wet stairs. The breaking system is a simple design, has no wear steel breaking pads that are easily adjustable and works very well. So ask your self, is it worth risking injury to save yourself a couple of dollars on a handcart? The wide plate is also another nice touch. I can easily double stack (side by side) medium size boxes towards the bottom and balance it out by stacking large boxes on top. The vertical loop handle makes it easy to balance the load and pivot in tight places, such as opening doors and spinning back ward. I will say the location of the break handle dose take some getting use to, yet once you gain confidence that the handcart comes to a stop when you squeeze it, then you are not afraid to change you leverage position of pulling back hard with both hands. You can activate the break handle with two fingers of you top hand once you learn to lighten the grip of you top hand.

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